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Kentucky Regional Economic Analysis Project
On behalf of Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Analysis Project (PNREAP), greetings and welcome to the Kentucky Regional Economic Analysis Project. Using the interactive regional economic tools of analysis at your disposal on this website, we invite you to conduct your own research to examine and assess changing economic conditions and trends of counties or regions within Kentucky.
KY-REAP features data and regional economic tools of analysis that apply to the 120 Kentucky counties and Kentucky's 9 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). To further enhance the investigation of the Kentucky economy in a regional policy and planning context, these website resources additionally assemble the data and introduce tools of analysis for conducting research on Kentucky's 15 Area Development Districts.
Kentucky Regionalization Map
Regionalization Map
Area Development Districts in Kentucky have been in existence over thirty-five years. Conceptually, they grew out of the efforts of local elected officials and citizens in the Commonwealth to try and find collaborative means with which to deal with problems that beset their communities. The combination of federal programs and state enabling legislation provided a national strategy and funding mechanism that allowed the concepts to become reality in the late 1960's and early 1970's.
The Area Development Districts, as they now exist, serve as forums, clearinghouses, technical centers and as conveners for the region. Unlike many other organizations structured along multi-jurisdictional lines, the ADDs have both federal and state statutory authority. Accordingly, Kentucky's ADDs correspond with the Federal EDA (Economic Development Administration) Economic Development Districts (EDDs).
KY-REAP fosters analysis of regional and interregional economic transformations and dynamics to support the advance of economic planning and policy development statewide.
If your interests align with examining broader trends across the Kentucky's regional landscape, apply the interactive diagnostics available at the "click of a mouse" and select from among an assortment of principal indicators of major importance:
Investigate a topic all too often overlooked relating to how the changing mix and role of property income, transfer payments, earned income, and their contributions to growth, have transformed the Kentucky regional economy against the backdrop of changes nationwide.
The cornerstone of the Kentucky Regional Economic Analysis Project is the annual data compiled by the Regional Income Division and Regional Product Division of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), U.S. Department of Commerce encompassing more than 5 decades--from 1969 to 2022.
To compare and assess Kentucky's economy in contrast with other states of your choosing, enlist the use of the "Comparative Trends Analysis"  in the United States Regional Economic Analysis Project
United States Regional Economic Analysis Project
Regional analysis without paralysis.....With the click of a mouse!
The Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Analysis Project (PNREAP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized to foster and further sound regional economic research, analysis, education, outreach and decision-making. By exploiting web-enabled technologies PNREAP endeavors to empower people to expedite the distillation, portrayal, analysis and interpretation of regional economic data.

The regional economic research tools and analytical techniques created by PNREAP offer users a portal to more quickly and efficiently explore, discover and understand our fluctuating, dynamic and ever-changing regional economies. PNREAP supports and collaborates with local and regional economic development, research, and educational institutions nationwide.
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